Coronavirus Emergency

We continue to operate during the emergency though with some modifications to our established processes.  See below for information regarding our Perth and Blairgowrie operations.

Click here to see a summary of our experience from the end of March until November.

Perth Foodbank (Cutlog Vennel)

All visitors to the foodbank should ring the bell and wait for it to be answered.

Food parcels will be distributed at the door.  Click here for opening times for food distribution.

Donations can be made at a number of locations including Cutlog Vennel.  Click here to see locations and times of all drop-off points. Anyone wishing to donate food at Cutlog Vennel should phone ahead to ensure that someone will be available to accept the delivery.

Cutlog Vennel has now reopened at the Mill Street end.  This will ease Social Distancing for anyone accessing/exiting the foodbank. As part of Coronavirus control measures Perth & Kinross Council has identified Cutlog Vennel to be one-way with entrance from the High Street and exit to Mill Street.

Blairgowrie Foodbank (St Catharine’s Community Centre)

This has now reopened for distribution of food parcels.  Parcels will be collected from the front door. Hours of opening are Tuesday from 10:00 to 11:30 and Thursday from 14:30 to 16:00.

Anyone requiring a parcel can call the P&K council help line on 0345 30 111 00.  This is open Monday to Friday from 08:45 to 17:00.

Our Blairgowrie food donation points have also been reopened. Food collected here is taken to the St Catherine’s centre where it is made up into parcels.  Click here to see a list of the food donation points.

Foodbank Vouchers and Referrals (both Perth and Blairgowrie)

Phone referrals are being accepted from existing agencies as are red vouchers.

If someone is in need of food support, but has no access to a voucher, they should phone Perth & Kinross Council Community Support hotline: 0345 30 111 00 – for advice and/or a voucher.

Perth & Kinross Council

Click here to see Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Support page for more up to date national and local information (this will open in a new tab).


Thank you for your co-operation at this challenging time. If any further changes are implemented we will keep everyone informed.